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Submission Requirements

When submitting a module for inclusion in the Bing Maps V7 Modules CodePlex site, the following steps should be done:

  1. Use the Bing Maps Modular framework.
  2. Include a sample implementation of the module. If there are a lot of features it is often a good idea to have two more samples; one with a basic implementation, and another with an advance implementation.
  3. Create documentation on how to use the module and also list all the features of the module. Documentation should also note any licensing information or restrictions for 3rd party resources. If documentation is hosted else where, provide a link to it.
  4. Any plugin that connects to a web service should contain information on where the Web Service is hosted and any licensing requirements.
  5. Display Name of module, description of module, person or company submitting the plugin, and web url to be linked to (optional). This information will be displayed on the list of modules and will also be displayed on the details page for your module.

Optional but recommended items to include in your submission:

  1. Screen Shot of the implemented version of the module. This is useful for modules that have UI related functionalities.
  2. Include a minified version of the JavaScript file. This can be easily created using an online tool such as the Online YUI Compressor.
  3. A version number so that updated version can be easily identified. If not provided initial uploads will be labeled as version 1.

Submitting a module

If you are not an Admin for the Bing Maps modules site;

  1. Ensure your module meets the requirements for submission.
  2. Zip up all source code and documentation and email it here.
  3. An admin will go through the submitted module and verify that it works and meets all requirements. If approved it will then added to the base Visual Studio project that contains all plugins. A page will also be created that includes a description and a zip file of the plugin.

If you are a Admin for the Bing Maps modules site;

  1. Get the latest source code from source control.
  2. Add the module into the base Visual Studio project that contains all modules.
  3. Be sure that all Bing Maps Keys are removed from code and replaces with something like "Bing Maps Key".
  4. Update source control.
  5. Zip the module project along with the documentation and sample application and create a page for the module as a sub-page of the home page.
  6. Update any tables that list all the modules.

Note: Any modules that are submitted and included in this site will be published under a Microsoft Public license.

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