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GeoRSS Plugin

Author: InKnowledge

Category: Data

Module Size: 17 kb (minified 8 kb)

Original Source: GeoRSS support for Bing Maps v7 AJAX control

Dependencies: jQuery


This module allows you to import GeoRSS files into Bing Maps. A GeoRSS feed will be downloaded and parsed into an EntityCollection which can then be added to the map. Additional metadata is captured and stored in a Metadata tag on each shape making it easy to relate shapes to their metadata.

Note that the example for this module also includes a GeoRSSProxy service for accessing GeoRSS across different domains. This can be ignored if the GeoRSS files you are loading are hosted on the same domain as your web application.

Supported GeoRSS Tags:

Feed Tags:
  - item
  - entry

GeoRSS Tags: 
  - georss:point
  - georss:line
  - georss:polygon
  - georss:circle
  - georss:where
  - geo:lat
  - geo:long
  - geo:lon

GML Tags:
  - gml:point
  - gml:lineString
  - gml:polygon - Supports Complex Polygons
  - gml:pos
  - gml:coordinates
  - gml:poslist
  - gml:interior
  - gml:exterior
  - gml:linearring
  - gml:outerboundaryis
  - gml:innerboundaryis

Metadata Tags:
  - title
  - content/summary/description
  - icon/mappoint:icon
  - link

Note that if only simple GeoRSS tags needs to be supported consider using the Simple GeoRSS plugin.

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