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Elevation Plot

Author: John O'Brien - SoulSolutions

Category: Layout

Module Size: 11kb (minified tba)

Dependencies: Module uses JQuery, JQuery's jqplot and jqplot's cursor. These 3 scripts and 1 css are in the script folder. For IE < 9 excanvas is required and is also included.


This module allows you to provide an elevation plot of your data to compliment the map. It has two modes:

  • Mode 0, spaces evenly the requested number of samples between your points. Great for a plot between two points.
  • Mode 1, spaces by distance. Great for a route. This is the only mode that currently supports mouseover support.

The module makes use of the Bing Maps Elevation service and calls the service using JSONP as the service is on a different domain. The restriction to this the size of the HTTP GET message, the modules using the point encoding algorithm of the elevation service but is restricted to about 400 points, see the routeExample.htm for an example from Ricky to get less then 400 points.

The usage of the module is really simple:

  1. Add you map
  2. Add the module, it needs a reference to your map and a div to draw in.
  3. Create some data on the map
  4. Call plot.SetPoints(locations)

See basicExample.htm and routeExample.htm


Have feedback? Want some more functionality? Join as in the discussions section here on codeplex.

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