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Custom Infobox Control

Author: InKnowledge

Category: Layout

Module Size: 11 kb (minified 5 kb)

Original Source: Dev Tip of the Week: Modular plug-in for customizable infobox control

Dependencies: jQuery


This module allows you to easily create highly customizable infoboxes that have a lot more features than the built in infoboxes in Bing Maps. Some of the key features include:

  • Smart positioning. The control will automatically reposition the infobox so that the content is towards the center of the map. This helps to keep the infobox within the bounds of the map.
  • Multiple orientation support such that the infobox will either position itself vertically or horizontally with respect to the anchor point.
  • Highly customizable arrow. Change the color, width and length.
  • Set the background color of the content area of the infobox.
  • Set the color of the border on the infobox.
  • Specify minimum width and height for the content area.
  • Specify an offset distance from the anchor point.
  • Hide the arrow.
  • Hide the default close button.
  • Tether the infobox. The tether option allows one of two user experiences. When enabled the infobox will stay open and reposition itself as you move the map around until you close it. When disabled, the infobox will close when the map moves.

You can try out this infobox control here.

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This module was updated in June 2016 to support Bing Maps V8.