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Project Description
The Bing Maps V7 map control is designed to support a modular framework. The purpose of this project is to compile all the community created modules into one location. Modules are a great way to create common reusable code that is easy to integrate into Bing Maps. By using modules you can save development time and money. Also take a look the list of other useful Bing Maps Resources.

This project has been a great success with many of these modules being used by millions of people every day. If you have a great idea for a module submit it under the discussion panel.

Developing with Bing Maps V8, take a look at the Bing Maps V8 Compatibility Details

Active Modules

Module Name Category Description Submitted By
Animation Module Layout This module provides a set of tools for creating different types of animations on the map. Ricky Brundritt
Canvas Pushpins Layout This module creates an HTML Canvas pushpin class which can be used to create amazing pushpin effects. Ricky Brundritt
Canvas Tile Layer Layout This module allows you to create a custom tile layer where the images, instead of being fetched from the server, are generated on-the-fly using HTML5 Canvas. Pedro Sousa
Circle Module Layout This module extends the Polygon class to create Circle and RegularPolygon shape classes. Ricky Brundritt
Client Side Clustering Layout This module allows you to easily add in clustering functionality into Bing Maps simply by using an extended version of the EntityCollection class called ClusteredEntityCollection. Ricky Brundritt
Client Side Heatmap Layout This module renders beautiful heatmap overlays that can be placed on top of the map. Client browser must support the <canvas> element (IE9, Chrome, Firefox 3.6 or greater) Alastair Aitchison
Configuration Extension This module allows you to set the ViewOptions for the Map class in a configuration file, JSON. Per Fahlén 
Custom Infobox Control Layout This module generates highly customizable infoboxes. InKnowledge
d3.js Overlay Manager Layout This module allows you to easily create a layer in Bing Maps that uses d3.js for rendering. Ricky Brundritt
Drag Handles Extension This module makes it easy to edit shapes by adding handles to drag the vertices of the shapes to update their values. Mike Garza
Drawing Tools Extension This module provides a set of tools for drawing and editing shapes on the map. In addition to being able to draw shapes you can add shapes to the base layer of  the drawing tools module and it will allow you to edit it. This module is a more robust and extendable version of the Shape Toolbox Module Ricky Brundritt
Elevation Plot Layout This module makes it easy to use the Bing Maps elevation service to create an elevation profile plot to you page. It supports simple points and routes and mouseover interactivity. SoulSolutions
GeoJSON Module Data This module allows you to import GeoJSON files into Bing Maps. This module supports majority of GeoJSON tags. Earthware Ltd.
GeoRSS Data This module allows you to import GeoRSS files into Bing Maps. This module supports majority of GeoRSS and GML tags. InKnowledge
GPX Parser Data This module allows you to import GPX files into Bing Maps. InKnowledge
Image Overlays Layout This module takes an image and stretches it over a defined bounding box. The image resizes and stays positioned as the map is panned and zoomed. Ricky Brundritt
Mini Map Module Layout The Mini Map is a small map at right corner of the parent map that’s collapsible and shows the extents covered by the current map. Mini-map view helps to give a zoomed out overview of your location. OnTerra Systems
Persistence Extension This module allows you to provide your users with a url they can share to return to the exact location and map style they can currrently see. Optionally this can also be automatically saved so the next time the user visits they can continue exactly where they last were. SoulSolutions
Point Based Clustering Layout This module is a modified version of the Client Side Clustering module. This module uses a point based algorithm rather than a grid based one for grouping clusters. Ricky Brundritt
Route Service Helper Extension This module wraps the Bing Maps REST Routing service and makes it easy to request routes with any number of waypoints. Ricky Brundritt
Shape Toolbox Module Extension The Shape Toolbox module allows you to add shape drawing functionality to any map. Mike Garza
Simple GeoRSS Data This is a light weight module that can load a Simple GeoRSS feed to Bing Maps. Johannes Kebeck
UTF Grid Data This module allows you to interact with a raster image using a UTF grid. Pedro Sousa
Well Known Text Reader/Writer Data This module allows you to easily read and write Well Know Text data. Ricky Brundritt

If you would like to download all the modules at once go to the Source Code tab and click download under the "Latest Version" section.

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